Paragliding in Aosta Valley: flying in the heart of the Italian Alps

Paragliding in Aosta Valley: flying in the heart of the Italian Alps

Who hasn’t dreamed one day of flying up in the mountains? While many recreational forms of flying exist and are all beautiful, paragliding provides unparalleled sensations of freedom and adrenaline. Paragliding pilots fit their gear in a backpack, hike a mountain or take the gondola, soar for sometimes hours and kilometers, before landing down in the valley or on another mountain peak. And what better place to get up high and see the world from above than the Val D’Aosta, in the heart of the Alps?

Flying next to Mont Blanc. Incredible experience. Photo: David Alemanni

Flying tandem next to Mont Blanc. Nothing short of Epic.
Photo: David Alemanni

The Val D’Aosta is an incredibly mountainous region of Northern Italy, which starts in the Alps at the base of Mont Blanc and finishes in Ivrea. Famous for its historical castles, ruins and tasty food and aperitifs, the Val d’Aosta is also world-known within the mountain sport community, from skiing to kayaking, rafting and paragliding. While it would be foolish and extremely dangerous to grab a wing and go do this on your own without any experience, we provide you the opportunity to safely get a taste of free, human flight in tandem.


Paragliding: the essence of free human flight.

Discover the Val D’Aosta from a totally new perspective: the one of a bird. Soar in the company of our expert tandem instructors, with nothing but the sound of the wind breaking the eternal silence of the sky. Mezmerizing. If you dare, take commands and learn the basics of flying under the direct supervision of your instructor, sitting behind you.

Flying in the mountains is as majestic as adventure sports get. Photo: David Alemanni

Flying in the mountains is as majestic as adventure sports get. Photo: David Alemanni

Of course, Mother Nature has the last word when it comes to flying conditions, and we will not guarantee you the possibility to fly off Mont Blanc on any given day. The winds must be right. However, we have access to a multitude of flying sites further down the valley, thus guaranteeing the possibility to fly tandem most days, even when the weather gets capricious near Mont Blanc.


Pacchetto hotel e biglietti Skyway | Hotel Pilier D'Angle

Our tandem flights last about 15-30 minutes and they  include the way up to the flying site (gondola or shuttle, depending where we fly), and an onboard HD video of the flight.

The elevation difference between take-off and landing averages 1,000 meters on our various flying sites. To give you an idea of what to expect when flying with us, watch the video below.