Paragliding in Aosta Valley, Italy

Paragliding Italy, Infos

Fly in tandem with the eagles. No previous experience required. Our instructors are all certified by the Italian Aeroclub and the Italian Paragliding Federation. They will safely guide you through this marvelous adventure through the sky.
But do we "jump" from a mountain? NO! NO ! We choose a gentle slope at the top of the mountain to ease into the air.
We start with a short safety briefing prior to depature, then put on the harness and check all the equipment. Then we patiently wait for the right breeze. When the timing is right, four-five steps with the instructor suffice to get airborne. The magic begins: You are flying! Immerse yourself in this powerful world of silence, only broken by the sound of the wind from your air speed.

Enjoy the flight and the incredible views as a passenger, or if you would like to actively take part in the flight and get a grasp of the art of paragliding, ask your instructor to give you the commands. You can then learn to pilot yourself, following our instructions.
Mankind’s oldest dream comes true!

Let's fly!

Paragliding is very much depending on the weather and especially on the direction and intensity of the winds. It could be possible the sky is blue and it is a wonderful day, but still we cannot fly. Our team is trying their best to guarantee the flight, studying the weather charts in advance. Sometimes it will be necessary to move to another take off, also outside of Aosta Valley.
Please contact us for more info!

  • Light trekking boots or tennis shoes with a good grip.
  • Long pants
  • Windbreaker or Fleece
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Photo Camera
  • MicroSD min. 2 GB
After the flight we give you the photos/videos in HD with your close-ups . Bring a MicroSD cart in order to copy them at the end of the activity.