River Academy Totem Adventure and SAFE®

for fans, Kayakers, Guides, Rescue Professionals, Civil Protection, Firefighters, Police, Military and volunteers

Our service reach is worldwide and the programs can be taught in Italian, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French.

River Academy ZIPPED

Three days with our guides, who will introduce you to the awesome world of the river. Zipped course is the best formula if you have limited time, a desire to meet people who share the same passion, the will to learn something new and to get active outside.

Day 1

  • Arrival at the Base and brief introduction to the course.
  • First Descent for assessment to verify the level of the group. Swimming ability.
  • Theory: River morphology and paddle technique.

Day 2

  • Guided descent.
  • Guiding practice: the participants take turns and try to guide the raft.
  • Guiding techniques: how to enter currents / eddies.
  • Swimming techniques: how to swim in swift water.
  • Self rescue.
  • Theory: deepening the knowledge and understanding of the experienced exercises.

Day 3

Apply and implement all the techniques we have learned in the previous days. And water level permitting we do the Must descent, a full day navigating the biggest rapids (Avise Gorge / La Salle Rapids)

How many hours a day?

Every morning from 8:30 to 13:00 plus one afternoon from 14:00 to 17:00. On the other afternoons you can chill out (you will need it!) and you can take advantage of the guides at the center asking them questions. If you have not had enough yet, do more activities!


We have agreements with several guesthouses, hotels and campgrounds in the area.


Same as for rafting, we provide it all. Bring only a backpack full of desire to learn!


180 €

River Academy - ADVANCED

Have you been thinking about becoming a guide? A Federal Instructor Trainer will prepare you for the level II Guide’s Course of the Italian Rafting Federation.


Preparation for FIRAFT level III Guide’s course. The standard is F.I.Raft (Italian Rafting Federation) and you are followed by Federal Instructor trainer who will certify you for this preparation course. (This certification allows you to participate in the level III guide’s course skipping the selections)


  • Guiding a paddle raft
  • Basic manovers
  • Self Rescue
  • Swimming in Swiftwater
  • Rescue Techniques
  • Rescue with Ropes
  • Basic Knots
  • Recovery


  • River Morphology
  • River geology
  • Hydrology
  • Professionality, Responsability


Passing successfully the course requirements you get the Firaft certificate, which allows you to skip the selections and access directly the level III Guide’s course.
Instructor Trainer issuing the certificate is – David Alemanni – coordinator and responsible of the Guides Training for the Italian Rafting Federation.

Time span

The course is 3 full days.


We have agreements with several guesthouses, hotels and campgrounds in the area.


You need to do the Zipped Course first or meet the requirements.


250 €. Minimum 4 participants.